Nice N Natural

We promise to love all of our customers as our own family:

That means we will always use the best possible ingredients in our juice bar and foods. We use:

  • organic produce whenever possible*
  • filtered ice in our juices and smoothies
  • organic wheatgrass, never non-organic
  • alkaline water (pH 9.5) to wash all of our produce
  • alkaline water (pH 9.5) as our soup stock base
  • celtic sea salt (unprocessed, natural salt) in our baking/cooking, never processed table salt

And the most considerate materials & methods. We use:

  • biodegradable/environmental friendly cups, bags, and straws
  • recycled material in our juice cleanse tote bags
  • glass bottles for our juice cleanse program, never plastic
  • anodized aluminum cookware and cast iron cookware (we don't want toxins seeping into your food)
  • stoves to heat things up, never a microwave (we don't even own a microwave)

And we most certainly never, ever (!) use:

  • MSG and other preservatives
  • artificial sweeteners/syrups
  • premixes in our food recipes (we make everything from scratch)


*We try to always use 100% organic produce in our juice bar.
However, if certain goods are out of stock/season, we may temporarily use non-organic.